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If Shalee wants to enjoy the sunshine through the living room windows, she will lay on the floor like a cat. When laying on the floor, she will look up to see that the ceiling fan blades are covered in dust and really need to be cleaned. Walking to the kitchen to grab a cleaning […]

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The Force Was Not With Me

Yesterday was a do nothing day for me. I did not write a post. I did not do laundry. I did not make a proper lunch for myself. I did not pursue any job leads. I just did not. Instead, I did the following: I went to FMSC as a last minute hope to say […]

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Survival Skills!

Now this is the kind of survival skills I need to know! Eat your heart out, Macgyver!

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What NOT To Do When You Have A Lost Cat

Or otherwise titled: Why never to ask favours from the designers I have to tell you… I’ve been chuckling over this one ever since my friend Kelly sent it to me. And I’m not cruel. I have a cat… and a good sense of humor! Story goes : Shannon (the secretary) has lost her cat […]

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Some Great Video Links!

This must be the week of great videos.  I had several friends send me wonderful links that I just have to pass on to you… because you knowthat I’m entirely too lazy to write a “real” post! Enjoy! This one will make you cry. This one will “wow” you! (He tried out for America’s Got […]

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