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This year, the family did something we had never done before in the Minneapolis area.  We went to the Holidazzle parade. It may not seem like much – standing around in the Minnesota cold (8°) and watching a bunch of people walk down a street, but it actually is a tradition in the city, rich in […]

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Christmas Cheer

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I have at least 16,823 for you to read then… because you know I have to add some extra words too. :)   Mr. Right caught this series of scenes… and it’s completely unstaged because I didn’t realize he was taking pictures. It cracked me up […]

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While I in my pjs and with a cup of joe in my hand blog. The end. Just kidding.  There’s a cat on my lap too. Now the end. Just kidding again.  I’m sucha jokester. This week has been a fast and furious one!  So much has happened in the past week! First, Mr. Right […]

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Christmas Countdown

Did you realize that it’s 10 days until Christmas? Wow.  Where does the time fly?  The next thing you know, it’s gonna be New Year’s Day! That.  Is.  Insane.   We’ve had our first big snow. I’m actually pretty sad that I haven’t played in it ONE BIT.  (Well, I did slip and fall in […]

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This week involved lots of shopping. In case y’all forgot, I haven’t always enjoyed this activity.  I’m so not a woman in a myriad of ways. I’m money-conscious (probably too much), so shopping is just a way of watching money disappear. I don’t like being in large crowds. (I do so much better when I […]

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