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Life is crazy. Life is weird. Life is funny. Life is disappointing. Life is scary. Life is frustrating. Life is adventurous. Life is messy. Life is amazing. Life is mind-boggling. Life is joyful. Life is stressful. Life is unpredictable. Life is confusing. Life is breathtaking. Life is awkward. Life is time-consuming. Life is a waiting […]

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Have you ever had so much to say you didn’t know how to say it, where to start or if what you wanted to say needed to be said in the first place? That’s me.  I’ve had a really active life, sprinkled with some moments of utter bliss and good news along with heart-thumping moments […]

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Something from Nothing

Tonight was the Robotics Mentors’ appreciation potluck.  This meal is supplied by the parents of the students, thanking the mentors for all their hard work, dedication and teachings of our students.  And not beating a single child in the process. It’s also a mess of good food. Now I hadn’t decided if I wanted to […]

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Neighborly Love

The weather here has been down right chilly. By chilly, I mean unbearably cold and a good reason to turn into a bear just so you can hibernate and skip this whole frozen tundra think until spring. Too bad I can’t really be a bear.  I think it would be fun to terrorize some campers […]

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While I in my pjs and with a cup of joe in my hand blog. The end. Just kidding.  There’s a cat on my lap too. Now the end. Just kidding again.  I’m sucha jokester. This week has been a fast and furious one!  So much has happened in the past week! First, Mr. Right […]

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