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The Pleasing Kind

The other day I was trying to figure out what I was going to make for dinner since I walked into the house and realized I hadn’t given it a thought that morning. Yep, I’m the model of good housekeeping. I opened the fridge and realized I had cooked some chicken breasts the other day, […]

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Talking Italian

I love Italian food. I love seeing the colors and presentations of the dishes. I love creating recipes or playing with known ones to make them my own.  Or occasionally, I actually follow the directions, word for word, and revel in the gloriousness of what someone has already discovered. (See?  I’m not a complete wild […]

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Falling For Loaded Potato Soup

I want to clean about something that has been weighing on me.  I believe I have led some of you astray. I actually love Fall. I do love Summer more, but that’s because I feel right at home in shorts, a tank top, sunglasses and bare feet.  If I could slip into a bikini top […]

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Adding Some Spice To Your Life

There comes a time when you really want to spice up your life a bit. A new haircut that makes people you know recognize the voice, but not the person An ensemble that makes others stop and stare with admiration (and a tiny tinge of envy) A statement of declaration that makes others smile in […]

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Rocks Star Green Beans

Do you want to get your kids to eat their veggies and praise your goodness at the same time? Well, have I got the answer for you! Enter Rockstar Green Beans, the dish where there will never be enough to go around and green will be their favorite color on their plate. This side dish […]

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